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Who is on the Board of Governors?

The Board of Governorsí members are the Division Representatives from each of the active divisions within a league area, both in 8-ball and 9-ball leagues. In this area there are currently 27 active divisions. 

What is the function of the Board of Governors?

The primary function of the BOG normally concerns protests, disputes, sportsmanship violations and other similar issues. The BOG, in addition to settling such issues, can also hand down penalties which may vary in form. Penalties can include loss of eligibility, fines, probation, suspension or termination of membership or any other form which it deems is an appropriate course of action for the incident that they are reviewing.

The above information is contained in the Official Team Manual. Every team captain is provided with a copy of the manual at no cost. Additional copies may be purchased from the League Office by any member of the League who wishes to have one.

How are Board of Governorsí meetings held?

When an incident is reported, in written form, which deals with any of the above mentioned concerns, a meeting is called and arranged for at a time and place which facilitates the attendance of the majority of the members.

What is the procedure that the Board follows?

Copies of the written reports are given to each Board member for review. After the Board members have had an opportunity to review the reports, a round-robin type discussion is held in which each member of the Board expresses their opinions, concerns and suggestions with regards to the incident being reviewed. The discussions continue until a course of action is agreed upon, not by the majority of the members, but by all who are present.

Who enforces the Boardís decisions?

The League Office. The course of action that is chosen by the Board is enforced by League Management, and is usually documented in letters to each party involved. Not everyone who writes a report of an incident will receive a letter - normally the Board of Governors specifies who is to receive these letters.

Can the League Operator overrule the decision of the Board?

As outlined on page 10 of the Team Manual, the League Operator represents a higher authority than the BOG. Therefore, the League Operator may overrule any decision made by the Board. The APA has asked League Operators to uphold the findings of the BOG unless they are in violation of APA League rules and policies.

Can decisions made by the Board of Governors be appealed?

Normally, the Board of Governors will only revisit a decision if clear new evidence is presented.



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Last modified: May 23, 2012