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"South Coast Championships" is our name for what APA calls the Local Team Championships.  We also commonly refer to these tournaments as "Regionals".  Whatever the name, these are the tournaments that lead to the National Team Championships in Las Vegas.

For 2011 we will be sending seven teams to the National Championships - four in 8-Ball and three in 9-Ball.  The South Coast Championships will be conducted over the course of two weekends as follows:

Date Location Format Size of Field
June 4-5 Grand Vista Hotel /
Arena Sports Grill & Bar
999 Enchanted Way
Simi Valley, CA  91365
(805) 583-2000
8-Ball 32 Teams
4 Teams Qualify
June 11-12 Grand Vista Hotel /
Arena Sports Grill & Bar
9-Ball 24 Teams
3 Teams Qualify

For a list of teams qualified for the South Coast Championships, click here


To follow the tournament online, click here


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Last modified: May 23, 2012